Sunday, March 2, 2014

Parking Lot Politics

Me, Recording Parking Lot Politics
Taking Politics on the Road with 4WD
Tailgate Political Portfolios
Some Slogans Fades But Never Die
No Bumper Sticker? Paint Your Own
Hubby Just Needs a Stick Horse and a Horn
Just Being Silly
By one definition, politics are the "art and science of government organizations." By another, they are "factional scheming for power and status within a group (as in, office politics)." To be political is to "take sides" and this is where politics loses any appeal to me.

While I get frustrated with the politics of this nation, I love this nation with its amber waves of grain and its diverse swatches of people. I'll serve as a citizen, but I won't get political in the partisan sense. But I'm not here to discuss, debate or digress on politics.

Today is "Silly on Sunday" so I'm going to poke fun at parking lot politics in northern Idaho. It's that grand arena where trucks become mobile campaign slogans and politics rebuke from rusted tailgates.

Yesterday, my husband had me drop him off at the Bonner County Gun and Horn Show. I snort-giggled when I read "gun and horn." What came to mind were a bunch of boys riding stick-horses with pop guns and toy bugles. My husband scowled at my giggling and informed me that "horns" referred to antlers, as in hunters. I still held my vision, but was wise enough to also hold my tongue.

While I shopped at Super One and Winter Ridge to replenish the kitchen pantry, he talked ballistics, barrels and bears with the other gun-toting, horn-tooting boys. After a few hours, I called to say that I was on my way to pick him up. My husband had that octave-higher voice of excitement and I realized he was probably let loose in the candy-store too long. He sounded wired on sugar. "Not, yet," he told me before clamping his cell phone shut.

What was I to do in the parking lot with blowing snow and nothing but tailgates to read? So I drove around, in my car noting that there were few cars parked in the full lot. Northern Idahoans drive trucks; 4WD trucks with tires as big as my car and political rhetoric as bold as red paint.

Some tailgates still held to faded concepts involving Clinton, but most favored repealing Obama. The plights of rural western places spoke out in anger with catchy slogans and colorful witticisms. No one was denied speaking out against anyone or anything, and if someone couldn't afford a bumper sticker, they just painted one like drawing a Sharpie tattoo.

Feeling bold among such strong statements I grabbed my camera and recorded (note: to protect the privacy of others I cropped or blocked plate numbers and hid one gun-toting smiling face of a man I did not know). Finally, my husband emerged.

When I told him about recording parking lot politics he read a few and did what every political person does--he debated this slogan, disregarded that one and debunked the myths behind others. Sides. Even in parking lots.

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  1. A clever way to occupy your time while waiting for hubby to emerge from a favorite activity. I imagine if you are into guns and horns a Sunday show filled with them is pure heaven. Enjoyed your silly way of keeping busy while 'waiting'. :)

  2. This is what happens when a writer is left alone in a parking lot...but hubby had fun and talked of gun stocks and reloads all the way home.

  3. I think if that had of been me I would have driven around snapping up pictures of the trucks and their many many signs and sticker too.

    1. It must be our "poetic license" to gobble up stories no matter the place. :-)

  4. Bumper stickers are always interesting and great conversation starters and sometimes even argument starters. Like so many other things, being able to laugh at them certainly makes them easier to take.

    1. There's a lot of emotion packed into those bumper stickers. I like the ones that make me laugh.

  5. you did a fine job waiting for him :)
    i enjoyed reading some of those stickers

  6. I like the smiley face bumper sticker on that lady walking by. :)

  7. That is funny, and lol that he didn't want to leave yet. Like a kid at a gun and horn show, hahahha