Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hacking a Path

Hacking a Path
For More Than Chopping Wood
Hulking Remains of Icy Roof Snow
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What once hunkered upon the roof as sculpted packed-snow now lies in a heap at the bottom steps of the porch steps. In fact, I can't even see the bottom step. While the rain has gentled the snow drifts and begun pooling around a semi-frozen Elmira Pond, it has merely ice-slicked the roof piles.

Stepping across the ice carefully, I have to coax Bobo down the steps and over the icy hump. It's like beckoning a dog to venture out onto a glacial field. She dislikes the ice pile more than the snow, slush or rain. Her hesitation reminds me that it's only a matter of time before I slip to my doom.

When it snows, Todd tosses any accumulation with a heavy-duty, metal, grain shovel. He prefers this one after breaking several so-called snow shovels. It's heavy, but not enough to break up the pile. So I grab an ax from the trio on the porch.

Hacking a path, I whack at the edge of ice until chunks begin to break. It's satisfying work; hack, hack, hack. The dogs watch from the window as I continue to make our way in and out safer. I'm not strong enough to dismantle the entire pile, but now we have an ice-free bottom step and narrow path past the hulking ice.

Looking around at all the soggy ground and melting drifts, I laugh to think that I'm hacking a path in spring with an ax. But when you live in the country, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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  1. I'm hoping that this week it warms up enough for the ice to start coming off our roof. I only hope that when it does there are no vehicles or people in its path. This year has been the worst for ice build up. I can snow-less ground in your pictures and that gives me hope :) Thanks for linking up for Silly On Sundays Charli.

  2. Sounds like mighty dangerous roof tectonics your way! When the masses, shift be safe! And yes, there is snow-less ground to be had with all the melting. It will come--even to Canada!

  3. I was carrying a huge bag of water softener salt into the house from the car, and at the end of the porch the water dripping off of the roof had frozen. Down we went. I'd like to hack a path to Spring, let me tell you. ;)

    Visiting today from Susan's hop. :)

    1. Oh, no! That's what I was afraid of doing! It feels good to take an ax to ice, let me tell you!

  4. lol, hack away! Hope your "hacking" ushers in the spring.

  5. Ha, ha! Hacking helped in both practical and mental ways!