Saturday, March 8, 2014

So It Begins

First Arrivals of 2014, March 8
Fixing Feathers for a Moment's Pause
Flying Into the Mist
Efficient Feeders, These Robins
It Must be Daylight Savings Time
Morning light lures me to the the upstairs windows of my office, the great open room outside my bedroom. Elmira Pond is showing water, and my first waking thought is to look for migratory fowl. I'm no ornithologist; just a passionate pond observer.

And they there are, standing in icy puddles upon the concrete-slush still holding Elmira Pond captive, two Canada geese. So it begins.

It may be the early morning light or a groggy-eyed illusion, but one goose looks bigger than the other. I wonder if this is a couple seeking real estate for raising goslings. Or, perhaps, it's a few of last season's brood returning to the pond where they were born, having survived eagles, trains and trucks.

One goose pecks at feathers, preening while pausing at the pond. Other than that, the pair doesn't settle in and after a brief stay they fly off toward the ghostly bare aspens into the mountain mist. But they were there. The first migratory visitors of 2014.

As the day progresses, a flutter of wings captures my attention. A flock of robins are fussing about the garage near the dead sunflowers. Wherever grass is showing, there's a robin. They even alight into the pine trees. 

No matter which window I look out, I see a robin. I also hear the buzzing of flies. It annoys me, that frantic buzz-buzz-buzz, wings against the glass pane. I'm glad the robins are here to dine. Eat up, fair robins.

The dogs mirror my habit of window-watching and each stands with ears perked, having caught sight of the robins. Bobo loves to chase robins and butterflies. Grendel just likes to bark at them.

We can all feel spring moving in our bones, seeping like the water-melt upon the pond. Each morning will be a wonder--what visitors do we have today?

Just in time for daylight savings--two sightings upon the pond in a single day. March 8 is marked as the first day for arrivals.

Remember to spring forward and set your clocks ahead one hour tonight!


  1. Spring is definitely on the way. Love your 'bird' sightings. :)

    1. Yes it is! If you like bird sightings, we're in for more!

  2. How wondrous to have had these firsts. I must get my bird houses ready. The first nesting season scouts will be here any day. The male bluebirds got here before I was ready for them last spring. Do you have nesting boxes near the pond?

    1. I do have some small boxes, but I want to put up a wood duck box and add some mason bee houses to my garden bird houses...yes, time to get busy on that! My dream is to build an osprey platform as they do hunt the pond throughout summer. What do you do to prepare your boxes?

  3. Oh, the birds are so beautiful and certainly bring the promise of spring,

    1. The air is all atwitter now with sounds I can't identify! I think I had Oregon junco flock through yesterday. You'll find my reports include many "I think..." and many later-day corrections! But I love the watch.