Friday, February 28, 2014

Lessons From the Woodpile

Quilted Sky
Pondering the Woodpile
Watching Me, Watching the Fire
The sky is a glowing patchwork of silver linings and blue satin. It's not windy, rainy, snowy, sunny or even deeply cold. It's just cloudy. It feels like nothing is happening; like non-weather has stalled over Elmira Pond.

On top of the weather, my wood requires baby-sitting. It won't catch a flame and burn without constant supervision. So today, I've been staring at the woodpile more often than I normally would, as if it were the highlight of my day.

Some highlight, I grump to myself.

And then, my mind begins to explore possibilities. What does the woodpile have to teach me about rewriting my novel? Well...
  1. Like green wood, heavy, wet words don't catch the spark as well as seasoned tinder. 
  2. A slow beginning is frustrating. Catch your readers on fire and keep them warm throughout the entire story.
  3. Build a steady stack on a firm foundation; build a novel on a solid narration.
It helps to find the silver lining in any sky or situation. Some days may feel dull, but our minds can find what's worthy. And some days, it's just good to let the dogs curl up at your feet.


  1. This just goes to prove, there is a story in anywhere, anytime and with anything for the creative writer! A truly excellent comparison.

    1. Watching wood and a story erupts...this is true! Stories litter the ground.

  2. I prefer non-weather to non-words or non-sparks. And, a dog curled up watching is always a happening thing. A dog lights our fire with the mere spark of his presence, curiosity, and attention. There is warmth and ignition in the midst of canine essence. Here's to lighting a fire under, or within, our readers. And here's to basking in the glow of our animal companions.

    1. Thanks for that reminder of the eternal flame that burns between us and our canine companions. Today, Todd gets to wrestle green wood and enjoy the dogs.