Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Car Uggs

Available February 1, 2014
Writer-in-residence, CJ Moi skitters across the ice of Elmira Pond, disappearing into the tamaracks beyond. Such is a nomad, seeking places to step, hallows to explore and fresh air to inhale. Waving from the pond's edge, I can't help but admire her Uggs.

Yesterday, being silly, we did a toe-stomping photo-shoot at twilight, resulting in steely tones of blue. The Uggs on ice posed, photogenic. Today, they rolled out of the red car--CJ's nomadic wheels--as if to take center stage.

We are hoping that CJ's new ebook, "Being Nomad" beats out the boots for starlet fame. It releases February 1, 2014. Help us spread word-of-mouth.

For years, I've worked with CJ on other writing projects and can attest to her ability to drive a keypad and tell a story. Not only that, she's grounded in science and is a dedicated researcher, knowing how to meld facts with philosophy.

Let's help these Uggs step from the red car to the red carpet!


  1. Those are some epic Uggs. I am reading, reading, reading in hopes of helping promote CJ's book. You are the kind of friend every writer needs. :-)

  2. Thank you for reading! Those Uggs got me out on the ice...we all help each other in turn.

  3. "I took a walk down to the ice
    Don't you remember how we used to
    Follow the moon down through the trees
    'Cause there's a place I used to see you
    Out on the middle of the lake
    Til the sun turned sky to blue
    You were walking on ice

    Sun lights the day, moon lights the night
    And of this you can be sure
    The things you love you hold so tight
    Keep them safe behind your door
    Watch out for cracks beneath your feet
    And step softly through the night
    'Cause you're walking on ice

    I walk the world on thin ice
    And I walk out further and further on less and less
    Don't hesitate, don't think twice
    It's only ice... it's only ice
    Watch out for cracks beneath your feet
    And step softly through the night
    'Cause you're walking on ice
    Walking on ice."

    ~ Devonsquare