Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Souls

"I am a curious spirit child,
Who fell to earth through a crack of lightening,
But God so kind and merciful sent old souls to guide me home."
~ Dianne Reeves, "Old Souls"
Old souls are the rocks upon which I can stand and not falter, those places in the mountains where water gurgles over worn granite and I can sigh peace in long breaths. Old souls are the mountains and the water.

When I emerge from the subway, lost in NYC, old souls turn their faces toward me ask, "Where are you going?" They give me directions, sometimes a smile or a flash of laughter.

That time we ran out of gas miles and miles from nowhere in eastern Montana, an old soul in a pick-up truck with a gas tank in the bed stopped . He filled us up, refused our $20-bill and said, "Help someone else some day." He called it, "The Great Montana Payback."

Aunt Maryann reads what I write and reflects wisdom back to me. Todd's mom, Marylin, sends me emails describing lemon cucumbers, quilts and victories in Pinochle. Maryann and Marilyn are twins, my familial old souls and their words keep me connected to the blood of my children, the future and hope of us all.

New friendships blossom on the digital screen. Old souls reaching out to one another, sharing words, stories, perspectives, new worlds. In a single day I can visit multiple countries and chat with kindred spirits in Colorado, Florida, Canada.

Old friendships arrive in a letter, a text, a phone call. Old souls that have known my steps, my longer or shorter hair, my babies, my joys, my struggles. We laugh in each other's ears and poke on FB.

Today is Friday. Fantabulous Friday. And I'm celebrating the old souls who guide me home.

Join host blogger, abitosunshine, on this Fantabulous Friday as she celebrates a group of official Squidoo Contributors, some of the new old souls, mentors and encouragers, that I have met along the writing path.

Think about the old souls in your everyday life and rejoice!


  1. Amen! to rejoicing the Old Souls in our lives! As you know, my dog Tidbit and I sit with the Old Ones on the beach nearby. I am convinced that without a doubt they speak with Tidbit as much as they share whisperings with myself. I see her listening as she wanders among them and how she stops to paw at one or sniff a little longer.

    Thank you for blog hopping along with me today, Charli.

    1. What a peaceful vision that brings to mind, Ruthi!

  2. What a lovely way to start my day. Old souls recognize one another in an instant. There is that knowing look, essence, spirit. I see these old souls reflected in words online, in the eyes of my animal companions, in Ponderosa pines, in the sacred mountain that watches over me day and night. I celebrate the joy of this old soul moment.

    1. Oh, yes! I got swept away by the moment with you!