Monday, December 2, 2013

Unexpected Decking Help

After the December First Flurry
Decking the Halls
Christmas Angel
Christmas Moose
Greenery Everywhere
Splashes of Color Everywhere
The Christmas Barn
Flurries hit Elmira the first day of December with a base of slick slush. We try to check the radar, but the heavy, wet snow has knocked out my satellite Internet. After so much writing and posting in November, the weather must have decided that I needed a day off--as in off the computer!

The Missoulans--my two daughters, son-in-law, and two friends from Uof M Missoula grad school--must leave Elmira. Grad work, coaching and printing call them back. Responsibilities. Mine are simpler--fetch wood, feed dogs, write, cook. Thus a second flurry of packing and good-byes ensue.

Since Allison and Drew have two very large, fuzzy dogs, my other daughter Brianna decides to ride with the friends, Stephanie and Samuel. Hugs and waves send the two vehicles on their way into a whirl of snowflakes.

For me, it's time to take down the fall decorations and deck the halls of my house. I'm giddy with excitement. I dig out all my Christmas CDs--Josh Grobin, Frank Sinatra, Kenny G, Mannheim Steamroller, Blue Canvas, Celtic Women, Elvis, Nutcracker Suite, Peter-Paul-&-Mary, Fernando Ortega.

Just as the autumn colors have been boxed, my cell phone buzzes. It's Brianna. "Mom, have you heard from Alli and Drew?" My heart skips a tad. "No," I say, waiting for more to come.

"They got a flat tire," she says. Whew. Flat tire. That's a relief. No fun in the sloppy, cold snow, but not a huge deal. Brianna tells me that they passed Allison and Drew, honked and waved, thinking they had stopped to walk the dogs. So, Brianna is home in Missoula, waiting for her sister.

Allison calls two hours later. "Guess where we are?"

"Home," I ask.

"Nope! Sandpoint." Turns out that their tires have some sort of ant-theft lug-nut system that requires specialized tools. Because of this system, tow-trucks don't even carry all the different odd sizes. Only a tire shop can change out their tire. So, the tow-truck hauled them back to Sandpoint, the nearest place. However, being a Sunday in Sandpoint the place was closed. They'll have to wait until Monday morning to get their tire removed.

That means I get to fire up the Blue Goose, put on my fur-rimmed Elmer Fudd cap, gloves and husband's big jacket to drive 15 miles into Sandpoint. I'm excited to have kids and fuzzy dogs again; they are excited to get to a warm fire and hot cider after sitting along side the road for hours.

Laughing, I warn them both that I shifted into Christmas mode after they left. Allison is gleeful and willing to help. Drew smiles politely and says he'll go take a nap. We play a round of Scrabble first, then Allison gets out the Nutcracker Suite--she was a ballerina for many years and danced several roles in the Nutcracker Ballet, so the music brings out her memories of moves and steps.

She twirls and decorates and I grin and decorate, loving the unexpected decking help.

Christmas season has officially arrived at Elmira Pond.


  1. Charli, you write in a way that turns every day into a blessing, no matter that troublesome events that occur.

    1. Writing reminds me to count the blessings in the moments...just like you seeking a bit of sunshine in yours!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dawn. Now I'm all decked-up for more company in a few weeks!

  3. Nice to get away from the computer every once in awhile and do the things that make us smile :) Love the way write by the way !

    1. Yes, it is. Those moments away give us great details to write in turn. Thanks!

  4. What fun to have your daughter unexpectedly back to help you decorate for Christmas. Glad their 'breakdown' was a minor one. Too bad about the delay in their journey, but the day had a happy ending. :)

    1. Happy ending, indeed! Their insurance covered the tow; their warranty covered the tire and the extra day was priceless in my book!

  5. We have the same taste in holiday music and life. Really enjoyed being there virtually as you decked the halls.

    1. Then we have zestful shared tastes! Thanks for being here, virtually!

  6. This is a lovely blog, Charli. Happy Holidays!

  7. Thanks, Susie! It was an unexpected gift of sorts...I was insanely excited over all the migratory birds coming in every day, so that gave birth to the blog. Now it inspires my writing so it has been a good venture for me. Happy Holidays to you, too!