Sunday, December 22, 2013

Silly on Sunday

Huskies Being Silly
Just Playing
We Are Playing, Too!
Silly Sisters
A is for Alli, Ticket is for Bug
It's easy to be silly when the dogs encourage us. Ilya and Jasper look fierce as wolves, but trust me...they're just being silly. Teeth barred, mouth wrestling out in the pastures along Elmira Pond. Dog silliness.

These two huskies are both rescue dogs, and belong to my daughter Allison and her husband Drew. Ilya was deemed "unadoptable" by a kill-shelter. Todd and I fostered him until Alli and Drew found it in their hearts to be his forever home.

Now he gets to be silly with his buddy Jasper who was rescued from a farm. Jasper only knew a life outdoors and even carries scars from a coyote fight. Both dogs now have a loving home. They get lots of training and walking. And moments to be silly.

We get to be silly, too. It's the Sunday before Christmas and all three kids have come home. It's a precious time and we are making the most of each moment, laughing all the way. The biggest laughs we get come from all the games we play. look at that table loaded with games. It's silliness waiting to explode. Magic Cards...
Scrabble...Settlers of Catan...Things.

Things is the newset game we have, maybe it's just us, maybe it's the coffee or the wine, but we laugh and giggle. And that came up in Things. The premise is to answer, "Things you shouldn't do..." Well, that's the beginning to a giggle-fest. We were even snorting by the end of the first game.

It's mostly just basking in the glow of being together, relaxing, playing, eating. So much to be grateful for and so much joy to share. The daughters are cozying up to each other, sipping from their favorite coffee mugs. Brianna has a mug to commemorate the speeding ticket she got as a teenager. We

Want to be silly today? Unleash the giggles and join Everthything Susan who had the silly notion to get us all laughing on a Sunday


  1. Everyone needs to have a 'silly' day or two now and then, including the dogs. Being 'silly on Sunday' sounds perfect.

    1. Agreed! Susan has a great idea to blog while silly, including dog silliness!

  2. this was a really nice blog to visit today. Thank you. Love the dogs!!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up! This is going to be a fun blog hop I think. My two dogs love to play like this too. So lovely to see your daughters and hear about what is happening in your life right now at Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

    1. It's a fun link to be silly with you, dogs and family! Thanks for getting this fun going! Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

  4. I love seeing the dogs play in the snow and then the family faces all aglow with silliness! Things sounds like such fun!