Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Snow Calls us to Hibernate
Storm Passing Through the Rockies
All Storms Clear
And the Sun Shines Again
We all need a few days of hibernation.

Time to tuck up, to lie low to contemplate. In our busy, fast-paced world with instant digital distractions, we have lost the art of being still.

Yet, there are reminders all around us. Falling snow calls us to watch snowflakes descend like torn tissue, flaking to earth. Flake after flake after flake. Time slows down as we watch.

Flames in the hearth smolder orange and blue above a bed or glowing coals. It takes half a day for a fire to burn down to coals and heat the house so thoroughly. Something an electric or gas furnace deprives us of with its instantaneous, push-button heat so easily regulated by thermostat.

After a month of daily writing to complete a novel draft, circumstances and season called a halt to my daily routine of computer commuting. A snowstorm blew out our fickle satellite Internet.

So I took time to hibernate until the sun came out again, sparkling upon all the fresh fallen snow as if it had become an altered world. A winter wonderland. Renewal.


  1. The altered world... inside and out... my world... lovely stillness here. To the pause (that has nothing to do with hormones). :-)