Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spice it Up!

Spices Arrive!
Sniffy Good
Favorites Refilled
Just in time for the frenzy of cooking that kicks off with Thanksgiving, the Mail Lady has delivered my box of Penzeys Spices. The dogs and I return from a walk to Elmira Pond where ice clings to dry grass and reeds, to discover a box sitting on our porch. Even at a distance I can see the green logo of my favorite spices.

So fragrant, even the dogs take notice as we bring the box inside. Not only do we have Thanksgiving cooking to attend to, but a house full of hungry, tired grad students will soon be relaxed souls fed over the extended weekend. Butter Chicken. Wild Rice Soup. Breakfast Strata. All require spice.

My favorite "must-haves" include toasted minced onion, Cajun spice, northwoods seasoning, shallot pepper, minced California garlic, sweet curry, Aleppo pepper. I also made sure I had ordered enough baking spices like whole nutmeg, Vietnamese cinnamon and vanilla for the upcoming cookie-baking marathon known as December.

My spice cupboard is restocked. Ready to spice it up on Elmira Pond!

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