Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rain Returns

Rain on Trains
Layer-Cake of Rain
Pond Pooling East
This is the rain I remember from last autumn--pounding drops on the metal roof sound like the drum-march of the season. A deluge pours so heavy it looks like a curtain of rain between the mist clouds and soggy ground. Blacktop glistens and tires splash as trucks cruise Highway 95.

Low white clouds scud north like tumbleweeds vaporized, rolling over tree-tops and obscuring the mountains. The sky above only reveals more gray clouds, just higher and dense. It's like a rain layer-cake. The pond, garden and ground soak it all up to the point of sogginess. Already Elmira Pond is pooling toward the eastern fence-line.

Rain returns, and I have plenty of firewood stacked on the porch and in the house. It feels cozy to be so cuddled by the rain and its oceanic clouds. I imagine it as a visit from the great Pacific herself. Rain returns, and I'm writing with nowhere in particular to go so my imagination is free to explore Baffin Island. From the comfort of Elmira Pond, of course.

If you want to see fiction materialize daily, follow my NaNoWriMo updates at And think of the patter of rain as you read.

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