Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gratitudes of Home

Red Car Means Todd is Home
Stomping Out Gophers
My Man!
The Call of Poop Duty
Rain on the Pond
Many friends are expressing daily gratitude on Facebook. It is that time of year, to reflect upon our "thanks-giving." It is also an uplifting habit to cultivate; a view that can pick us up out of the doldrums.

Today, I am expressing seven reasons I am grateful that relate to home. Or, more to the point, that relate to Todd being home. He works in Moses Lake, Washington and leaves early Friday morning (like at 3 a.m.) and returns Monday evening in time for a late dinner (usually by 8 p.m.).

Why I am grateful to have my husband home:
  1. He stomps out the gopher piles.
  2. Modeling what it is to not be body-obsessed (worrying over how one looks), he chops and hauls firewood shirtless. That's my man!
  3. He picks up scattered logs of German Short-haired Pointer poop.
  4. Without effort, he can fire up the Blue Goose, roaring the engine to life which makes me feel like I want to go 4-wheeling. The dogs get excited over this one, too.
  5. He likes my cooking and says so (although not so much my timing).
  6. As much as I enjoy Elmira Pond, with its rain splattered surface today, his willingness to commute to Moses Lake pays the rent on this place.
  7. He believes in my writing and encourages me to complete my dream to write and publish novels.
As the days home pass, I'll have to come back to this post and reflect because usually by Thursday night I'm grateful to see him head out to Moses Lake! Ah, that's just our married couple joke...sort of.

An what are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for sharing our thankfulness with each other today, Charli, yours much more entertaining than mine! You and Todd seem to have things worked out to where your life works well for the both of you. We can't ask for anything more than that and it is good to give thanks for such.

  2. Aw, thanks Ruth! I am so grateful for the rays of sunshine you spread everyday; I see how it moves many other people, too. Yes, I enjoyed sharing thankfulness with you today, too.