Saturday, November 16, 2013


Snow and shadows cloak the landscape of Elmira Pond. Blacktop cuts through white banks; white clumps cling to evergreen boughs that are black beneath; the waters of Elmira are inky in contrast to the illumination of shore grass buried in snow.

Chiaroscuro, a scene  arranged in light and dark.

This artistic term is one I learned not in art history or a photography class, but in a song by Paula Cole. So whenever I see strong contrasts of white and black, I hear this song, the marriage of dark and light, chiaroscuro. Waxing artsy-fartsy today, I was inspired to play with my photos and apply different filters to draw out the elements of shadows and snow.

Bootsy Tracks (Paint Brush)

Stalled Train (Chalk)

Elmira Pond (Paint Brush)

Forest Beyond Pond (Woodcut)

Garden Fence (Paint Brush)

Grendel Rolling in Snow (Woodcut)

Bobo on Point (Mosaic Bubbles)

Bobo Running (Mosaic Bubbles)

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