Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter Frog-Hopper

The Leash for Highway Runner Grendel
Kicking Up Those Back Legs
Running With the Big Dogs
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Bobo is a frog-hopper. It has to do with her disabled gait; the way she compensates for hind legs that no longer work in a normal dog-running pattern. The brilliance of this determined little GSP is that she's figured out how to frog-hop, pressing both hind feet into the ground to gain momentum.

Even on snow and ice she can run with all the big dogs.

Except Grendel.

He's banished from running. At least near cats, chickens and highways after he terrified me worse than a scary movie (A Fearfully Fantabulous Tale).

Snow covers Elmira Pond's slicked ice and Bobo frog-hops in a frenzy. Her hind legs kick out behind her and her ears flop as she bounces across the pond. It must take a great deal of effort because she starts to pant heavy like a lumbering piece of machinery.

But she won't slow down.

Occasionally, Bobo has a "butt-wreck" where her frog-hop fails and her back legs swing a different direction. Her front legs keep pulling though, and soon she uprights herself and is back running among the other dogs, her people and the golden winter rushes lining the pond.

Although her gait is silly, I can't help but admire the dog's plucky spirit. Bobo does not let her disability keep her down; instead she pours her energy into the joy of running. A remarkable lesson for us all. It's okay to look silly; love what you do and do what you love.

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  1. Kudos to Bobo! Dogs are so amazing in what they can live with and endure. Pure determination that I so admire.

  2. Replies
    1. She fact, she's inspired me to write about countering writer's doubt with joyful determination.

  3. Good for Bobo! Pure determination! Too bad Grendel can't be trusted off-lease. :)

    1. Grendel so badly wants to run...we take him running along the Pack River but there's too much snow to drive up the canyon, yet.

  4. Ah, I already love Bobo! Way to go big dog! Now, I don't think you will be able to keep Mr. Grendel contained for very long. He knows the power of the ice now and will no doubt, find the person on the other end of his leash not paying close attention to him. Then he will strike out on his own, leaving his unsuspecting attendant sprawled across the cold ground. LOL A dog after my own heart for sure, that Mr. Adventurer!

    1. You have figured out Grendel's master plan for escape! Spring can't come fast enough to let him romp in the mountains! Bobo is a delightful love and no highway running from her.