Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Garden Report

Cauliflower Growing in November
Pink Radish Flowers After Snow
My Rutabaga Root Cellar
Yep, I'm still gardening. Crazy, I know. What's even crazier is that I've actually noted growth in my garden. My miniscule head of cauliflower is getting bigger. If I were to harvest today, I'd have enough for my own plate. By Thanksgiving I'll make some sort of side that includes a touch of cauliflower.

What continues to boggle my mind is the tangle of vines, pods and pink flowers that my radish continues to produce. Who knew radishes were so prolific! Even after a month of hard frost and first snow, my garden radish still has a few delicate pink flowers. What a hardy producer. When the pods dry, I'll harvest the seeds. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?

But take my advice--plant some radishes for food, but also plant for ornamentation. Consider that it's given me flowers since July and it is now November! And the pollinators absolutely love radish flowers. I can't say how it will do in other climates, but that's why we have to experiment. Learn from the fails, follow up on the successes.

Rutabagas are ready to harvest. I just need a day without snow or rain. The one day I did have sunshine (yesterday would have been perfect) I went to town. I'll be exploring rutabaga recipes  for Thanksgiving. Oh, the feast day menu is already peculating in my head.

And these photos are "real time" as in yesterday I snapped a few shots. It's November yet what fine greenery is this?

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