Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Farewell to Horses

Farewell my living lawn mowers. You passively watched me as I pushed the mover over the acres you did not nibble. More than once I was tempted to turn you loose on my lawn.

Farewell my pasture beauties. Red and brown, you always glistened in the summer sunlight, bright against the green grass and tall pond reeds. Every day I'd look at you and gasp just a little at your presence. I never tire of admiring your classic beauty.

Farewell my little nappers. Eat, wander, sleep. When you would lie down in green pastures along the banks of Elmira Pond, I was reminded why I am here. My spirit is restored.

The day my friend Katherine arrived to visit, the horses left. She was excited to meet them, and then they were no where to be found; not among the willows, far pasture or under the barn eaves. Gone. These are the final photos I took of my equine companions.

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