Monday, November 18, 2013

By the Fire

Perhaps it's just one of those days when it's best to stay by the fire. Except I've had trouble getting the fire to actually take off, fussing with logs and bark and newspaper. My hair smells like smoke as if I've been battling fires all day. I've just been blowing at dull coals.

Bobo is much perkier today despite the rain. Yes, rain. It has melted all the snow except for a lingering roof plop-pile. Snow or wet, it is free water for the lawn. I took a picture of it but it didn't turn out and now it's dark outside. So believe me when I say I have a patch of green and white that was brilliant in color on a rainy day.

No ducks, no bluebirds, no philosophical insights for the day. Just a coffee cake with a sunken middle and dogs coaxing me to just watch the flames that are finally building.

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