Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elmira Sky

Blinding Afternoon Light
A Peek of Blue
Gray Sky Over Elmira
Stepping outside, I'm blinded by a floodlight of sun-rays as if the sky were poised to interrogate me. Blinking is my only defense. Careful not to step off the porch into a pile of snow, I grab the railing and try to see the blue sky I've been denied for nearly two weeks.

Yes--this is the Pacific Northwest weather I recall from last year. No matter the precipitation, the sky over Elmira has persisted in remaining gray like welt wool socks hanging overhead. It feeds my desire for coffee and throws my sleep-cycle off kilter.

But early this morning I did glimpse blue peeking like a tired eye over the western ridge. Sometimes the sky looks through the hanging socks. Mostly it retreats and rain tracks water down the windowpanes until it shifts into a white blizzard of slushy snow.

Last night, in the dark with no light at all I had to trudge through snow drifts to wipe the satellite Internet clean. Poised to flee from monsters lurking in tall pines, I nearly collapsed when a tree branch dumped a bucket-worth of snow across my back.

I miss the sky and the sun.

So right here, right now on the porch I'm basking and blinking in the bright light. It is good to see you again, my Elmira Sky.


  1. Your descriptive phrases are captivating... the interrogative sky... the tired eye. Love how language dances with you. Last night I had my first thunderstorm of the year. And now, at 2:30 am, I have snow and wind. May we both have some blue sky when this day dawns.

    1. Oh, wait until you see how this day dawned! Do you ever get thunder-snow? Language makes a great dance partner.

  2. The snow always looks so beautifully inviting, but I do hate it when it is dumped on my back!

    1. It was a cold surprise and made me even more jittery.