Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blue Heron Burlesque

Home Sweet Home
Easy Chairs
Who Knew?
He's a Hot Bird
Taking the Plunge
Looking Coy
Tail Feathers Like a Bustle
Final peep Show
Big-screen television at home is the west-facing window that Todd and I often watch while eating dinner. It's not unlike an old married couple dining with Jeopardy turned up loud enough to hear the wheel crank. Instead of guessing at vowels, we guess at birds and bugs.

Welcome to life on Elmira Pond; home sweet home.

What we lack in cable entertainment, we make up for with live performances viewed from our easy chairs under the old apple tree. You might be surprised at the sophistication Elmira Pond attracts. Already this year, we've had A Day at the Opera and New Drama on the Pond.

We also get some bawdy shows; our very own outdoor HBO.

Like someone's Gram accidentally tuning into Game of Thrones, I found myself muttering, "Oh, my!" I had no idea that my knight in blue feathers, Blue Heron, had a different kind of act, a full body burlesque.

It all began with a bowl of popcorn and me staring at the big bird who was standing on his preening log. Preening is as risque as the birds get on Elmira Pond, and you see a fluffed feather here and an under-wing flash there. In mating season, the male hooded merganser pops a hood on his head, but that's as exciting as it gets.

Today, Blue Heron is hot, hot, hot!

I don't mean sexy, I mean, the poor bird is panting. The heat has been unusual this summer and the sun beating down on his blue-grey feathers got him ruffled. He opens his frog-impaling beak, thrusts out a long tongue and pants heavily.

He seeks relief, striding down the log that remains under water. He gets to his belly and does something I've never seen him do before -- he sits in the water like a chicken on a nest. He splashes and dunks, getting soaked. I'm reminded of the scene from Flashdance when Alex releases the water on her hot stage dance.

And dancing is next. If only we had a hurdy-gurdy for accompaniment!

Blue Heron sashays up the log and shakes like a dog (or like Alex, in Flashdance). He fluffs his tail feathers like a bustle and boa, shaking his booty. No feather is left unshaken. He dances on legs as spindly as spiked high-heels and believe me, I'm thoroughly entertained.

Or maybe, I'm easily entertained. Anyhow, pond burlesque tops anything I've seen lately on TV.

Blue Heron's final act is a peep show. With wings slung low, like a woman's gown draping off her shoulders, he stands on the log to face me. He reminds me of a flasher except this is one long flash. He stands fully exposed, daring me to turn away. I blush...snap a photo...and leave.

Linking up with Abracabadra for photo-story-telling fun on Wordless Wednesday. Dirty bird photos by Charli Mills. Rated F for feathers shown.

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Heron returns in My Private Dancer! 


  1. Well I never...quite the show you had there Charli! Haha...this had me laughing along with you. Reminds me of the time when we sat outside eating with the kids while on holiday in San Diego. We were by the water and a pair of gulls appeared mere feet away from us, as they do. Except this pair weren't looking for food. The male pounced on the female, over in seconds. My son's expression had us in stitches: 'Dinner and a show' :-) That Blue Heron of yours knew you needed a good laugh for sure. And I love your front door and welcome sign and bell. Love your Americana. Welcome home my friend <3

    1. Ha,ha! Dinner and a show! See, the birds are entertaining! We never get to see that kind of show due to grassy banks around the pond. We thought our birds more discreet. So...guess who the next dirty bird is? Kingfisher! Yes, they know I need some laughter, and its working. Thank you! <3

    2. Better than TV anyday :-)

  2. The pix speak a lot and sure are dirty, Charli. :)

    Lately the birds in my back yard have been speaking a lot too...might just picture them while they feast on the seeds ;)

    Always a pleasure to have you on board!

    1. It worked out well with our shared, er, dirty minds, this week! LOL Do snap some pics of your loud birds! Thanks, Ruchira!

  3. I would much rather the view from your window than the television screen any day, Charli. How amazing!
    Yesterday Bec and I were out in the garden inspecting the wattle tree laden with buds, wondering when they will burst into bloom when I spotted a ladybird beetle. Then Bec spotted a larva. Then we spotted them all over the tree! (I think each beetle had 23 spots, so there was a lot of spotting going on!) I soon realised that if we had beetles and larva, that we should have pupae as well. Just at that moment Bec spotted one pupating, and I realised that one we had puzzled over earlier was actually emerging from the pupa. Magic! Mini magic in my backyard! :)

    1. I love the "station" you and Bec tuned into in the garden! What an incredible unfolding of nature to witness. Yes, it is magic and we are surrounded by it if we only take time to see and wonder. I'm so glad that you do, too!