Monday, July 29, 2013

Carnival Clouds

Carnival Arrives
Pink Like Cotton Candy
Lit Up Like Rides
Jaunty Squash Blossom
Pine Carnie or Permanent Resident?
Send Home the Clowns
Reading is Like an Every Day Carnival Attraction
Whirling as far as the dog leashes on my wrists allow, I look at the sky in every direction. It as if I cannot drink in enough of the clouds--my morning cup of well water. It's been so long, this dry spell, that I feel like a kid at the county fair not knowing were to focus my eyes first.

The thunderheads are rimmed in pink like airy cotton-candy. To the west the sky lightens and to the east the clouds look backlit like the garish signs for carnival rides. I want to ride the clouds like the birds do, to soar on thermals and dip fast toward the pond and pull up again, roller coaster-style.

Maybe I see excitement in the clouds because it might rain. Or maybe it's because I get to see so many family members within a few days. Now both my daughters are living in Montana; one a radio sound-smith and journalistic grad student and the other Coach Bug. And I get to swill Big Dipper ice cream with them both tomorrow. My parents just arrived, too and I think it's no coincidence that my first peas arrived in time to treat my Dad to his favorite garden food. My cousin, newly baptized, is getting married and I get to be there for her.

I'm as puffed up as the carnival clouds.

It is nearly August and the changes are coming quickly. I harvest and slice a full container of radishes, Erin purple and common reds. Jaunty blossoms open up to the morning air with zebra-striped zucchinis forming. One of two scarlet runners to actually germinate has red flowers and peas are young and tender despite the late planting. My tomato plants grew trunks like trees and if all that green fruit turns, I'll be harvesting like crazy soon. Already the potato plants are pushing out flowers and tiny Brussels sprouts and cauliflower have emerged for winter harvest. How did my garden grow so fast? One day it was a plot of dirt and today it's bursting with corn dogs and popcorn, ready for the fair.

The roses are nearly cycled. Only five buds remain on two plants. I will miss their vibrant color and await another long season for their scent to linger on the air. It's like the clowns have removed their red-noses and big shoes, trunking the costumes for next year's performance. I will try my luck at transplanting rose cuttings into potatoes to see if they will grow elsewhere on the ranch.

Blue Heron flaps across the log and I've not seen nary a goose or merganser all day. These migratory birds, the traveling carnies, will soon be gone. I expect crowds of southern bound birds to flush through here before it all ends in rain and snow. But today, the clouds still plow over the ridge at the peak of summer. The red-tailed hawk favors the tamarack perch along highway 95 and I wonder if he'll stay in our valley.

Unrelated to blooms and birds, I've read my final paperback. My new Kindle E-reader arrived from Amazon last week, just in time for the final chapter in book three of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Book four was easily downloaded and reading will become pleasurable again. I love books, love, love. love them. But my stiff gardening hands have struggled with holding them open. No more pain, and the pages are easier to read. I can even download a women's study bible, and research books that cost so much in print, but not so much at the Kindle store.

Ah, the Kindle store. Somebody just let my inner child loose at the carnival with no limit on cotton-candy or tickets for rides. The things I will read under the apple tree, along the reedy shore of Elmira Pond.


  1. Erin purple radishes! You are too sweet. I feel famous now! I'm part of your blog/stories! Cool! I can't wait to read a novel from you someday:)

    1. When you do, you'll recognize the places and essence of Bayfield! Thanks for teaching me to appreciate purple, too!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. They linger tasty overhead, but sticky and dry!

  3. Okay, if my comment could have correct grammar on your blog, that would be nice. So let's try this again: Have a good time with your family this week; how fun! I hope those carnival clouds bring some rain for you but eating them like cotton candy would make for a good time too:) I'll get a hang of this comment thing at some point, ha. Sorry!

  4. I feel the same way and I'm the blogger! I'm having a wonderful time and hope you are too!

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