Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rodeo in the Rain

All Day Pond Report:
Blurry Osprey
Cream Bloom Inside
Wet Roses




The big news is that we drove off pond to Sagle and hauled a washer and dryer out of a rental unit for just $200. A great bargain as it is a matched set, only 4 years old and very nice. I've never had a matched set! Todd is my muscle-man; I guided and helped strap the set into the back of our truck, "Blue Goose."

Returned to Elmira Pond and the mountains shrouded in mist. The roses are drenched, but no less beautiful. One even joined me inside to decorate my window. The merganser is huddled on the log, head rotated so that her saw-bill is resting on her back. An osprey flew in and I struggle to unplug my camera and shoot out my rainy office window, but watch him catch a fish first try.

The rest of today's blog is dedicated to the spirited horses, kicking at the rain. They do have a barn to seek shelter, by the way. Enjoy the  "Rodeo in the Rain," brought to you by three-year-olds, Snapper (the wet sorrel mare) and Pistol (the equally wet grullo gelding).

Rolling in the Rain

Chasing Begins

Snapper Shows Her Sass

What Are You Looking At?

Rodeo Underway

Pistol Chases One Way...

...Then the Other

Kicking at Wet Grass

Kicking at Pistol

Rearing at Pistol

Tail Straight Up in the Air

Rearing Again

Crow Hopping

Lone Ranger Pose

Kicking Up Her Heels

Stomping Pasture

Pistol Showing His Sass

Look at that Sassy Face

No Riders Were Thrown

All Just A Horse Show on a Rainy Day

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