Thursday, June 26, 2014

Babies & Yellow Roses

Lady Merganser and Brood
Yellow Roses of Elmira
A Celebratory Unfurling
Squinting at the basking log in Elmira Pond, I'm trying to determine which feathered resident has roosted for a rest.

The ringed-neck ducks? Lady Merganser? Or turtles?

Yes, to my eyes, turtles often look fowl. Thus I need the binoculars. Scoping the log I'm surprised to see that it is Lady Merganser with three baby hooded mergansers.

I was just wondering about babies on the pond!

These are not tiny puffballs so I can only surmise that they've been hiding in the reeds. I can't wait to see them diving like their mama.

It's a proud moment, knowing that Elmira Pond has provided shelter for a new generation of mergansers.

As if in celebration, a rosebush unfolded a beautiful butter-yellow rose. Several other buds are showing colorful promise.

Another day and more moments to affirm life is beautiful.

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