Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Impressions From the Pond

Maybe it's because I was locked to my desk all day, obligated to peck keys like a one-legged chicken. Or perhaps it was that flavor burst of summer's first raspberry, the one I snitched this evening. Most likely it was the two Elderflower Apple Ciders I swilled by the pond after a reluctant day of working inside. My mind craved creative fun, so I let it wander like a child, arranging words like a bouquet of wildflowers. Here are the results of my impressions from the pond.

Rails hum to smoking sunlight diffusing the flitter-flight of swallows as they pump high above the playground that is Elmira Pond.

Snaggle-branched pines peek over the ridge with roots dug into the sod like living toes.

Day loving birds set with the sun, shadow-roosting from the gaze of a late watcher.

Done-daisies, fading from white to ecru like an old book's pages. Who will read the last chapter?

Train mavericks riding herd over steel trails to market. Get along box-doggies, get along. The seaport will be your new home.

Apple-less apple tree spreads open like a bee-laden beach umbrella over sands of green grass.

Motorcycle maniac attacking pavement on two wheels proclaiming might over logging trucks and motor-homes, engine whining like a speeding mosquito.

Dandelion seed bomb ready to burst into summer days.

Pistol-packing mama mosquitos out for blood and bullets.

Elderflower Apple Cider makes happy the Angry Orchard.

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