Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Little Among Us

Do You See Him?
There He Is, Watching!
Like a Fairy
Flitting in Shadows
Among Nasturtiums
Problems loom large. We hit a deer Friday night and our hood, fender and spirits are crumpled. The next morning, the car won't start and Todd walks to the neighbors behind us to ask for a jump. They loan him a battery charger.

As he walks back, past my garden, he's watched by a tiny bird.

He's so little among us that he's easy to miss, a male black-chinned hummingbird with iridescent back feathers of army green. He's like a glittering little warrior; a fairy or wee-folk. And I watch him, watch Todd. Are we as fascinating to him as he is to me?

Early in spring when apple blossoms scented the air, we had many hummingbirds buzzing the old tree. It hummed with life, fully charged. In my excitement, I bought a hummingbird feeder. I kept it in the pasture by the pond until the grass grew so tall as to cover its plastic blossoms.

When I came home from Montana, after loosing Kate, an empty hummingbird feeder hung with dead flowers in baskets. It almost overwhelmed me, so I turned to my garden instead. I thought the hummingbirds long gone, but when I replanted flowers and filled the feeder, he showed up.

This is the same hummingbird that paused in my sprinkler that first night back and gave me a sense of peace and hope. Now I watch eagerly for him and he flits about my yard everyday.

I've actually seen him among my squash blossoms and flitting from one tiny purple potato flower to another. He loves nasturtiums and petunias. Sometimes it's just a quick movement out of the corner of my eye.

Fairies dance among us. Little but there.

Joining up today with abracabadra for Wordless Wednesday. My photos are of my own; the spirit belongs to the green-chinned hummingbird of Elmira Pond.


  1. It is amazing that life never be still...I am glad you got respite from the bird feeder after visiting Kate.
    These birds are of such life that it makes me wonder, "Don't they get tired."
    I guess the sugar syrup is to be blamed ;)

    Glad you were safe inspite of the damage to your car...
    Pleasure to see nature at your side of the world, Charli

    1. That's so funny to think of these little birds on a sugar buzz, but I suppose it's true! Thanks, Ruchira. We are safe and nestled in with the birds, big and small.

  2. They are such amazing little creatures. I think it knew when you started nurturing your garden with water that you would soon look after filling the feeder as well.

    1. I delight in my time outside when the little hummer shows up. I'd agree that he knew a re-filling was coming!

  3. Oh Charli. Seems if it's not one thing it's another. I hope you were able to get your vehicular problems sorted out.I love these hummingbird pics. He is so gorgeous. Your skills of observation are amazing. It could have easily been missed. But you not only saw it, you snapped it, and wrote beautiful words about it. Thank you. :)

    1. It must be like teaching in the classroom -- you train yourself to look for little nuances of learning or "not yet." Observation over time becomes a kind of education. And yes, it it's not one thing, it's another. Best to look for the little gifts in it all. :-)

  4. They ARE like fairies. We have them here and they're amazing to see. So tiny and cute yet so gorgeous. Beautiful photos you captured! They're hard to get on camera -- I know! (Sorry about your accident -- only heard about it on Carrot Ranch. In related news, I don't get post notifications from here like I do from C.R. They're scattered. ???)

    1. I think my wee fairy folk have already buzzed out of here. I'm not beset with yellow jackets. Time to take down the feeder. Yes, I have "stalking" spots where I sit and wait with camera in hand. Hmm...not sure how blogger sends notifications. I think I only have two or three followers here! :-) This is kind of my practicing-the-art-of-Annie-Dillard blog. I figure, it's good to just practice voice and use nature writing as a platform for exploring life in general.