Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tiger Store Smithy

If you find yourself in north eastern Washington, don't miss the Tiger Historical Center and Museum. This was once the Tiger Store, a mercantile that sat at a crossroads in a community spread up and down the Pend Oreille River, ranch-land and railroad line. Today it preserves area history and sells pop to those traveling the Selkirk Loop Scenic Byway. Give their page a "like" on Facebook! It helps small history centers like this to stay on the map.

Linking up with Abracabadra for Wordless Wednesday, I'm sharing my photos from the Blacksmith Shop set behind the Tiger Store. My husband was as mesmerized, which allowed me ample time to explore the saddles and desks and photos inside the Museum.

Todd at a Blacksmith Shop (Kinda Like a Candy Shop)

Smithy Making a Handle

The Coals

Firing the Coals (Using Modern Bellows -- A Leaf Blower)


Working Metal in the Coals

Once It's Hot, the Smithy Pounds the Metal into a Shape


  1. I'm trying to remember if I've ever been to Tiger Historical Center. It sounds and looks so familiar to me.

    1. Have you made the Selkirk Loop, Susan? Next time you do, you'll have to stay on Elmira Pond! :-D

  2. When growing up in India a visit to a blacksmith was a common drill. They would help repair the metal ladles for us.
    I find these men so empowering that they can shape an ore acc to their likes with the help of fire.

    Great pix, Charli and pleasure to have you on board.
    happy b'day once again!

    1. What a fun reminiscence, Ruchira! He was working on a handle. Blacksmiths are amazing with what they can make. Not many know the trade these days. Thanks!