Monday, January 27, 2014

Second Christmas

The Tree Un-Decorating Itself
The Smiles Second Christmas Brings
Gift Wrapping From India
Tales of Zeolites in the Road
Join in the Fun!
Hobbits like to eat so much that they have "second breakfast." Well, I suppose I love my fresh Christmas tree so much, I had to have Second Christmas. It still stands elegant and pine-smelling-fresh in the living room. Ornaments pool at the base; the un-decorating assisted by dogs wiggling at the door to go outside.

Allison's return from India with gifts was timely for a second Christmas. She left for Pune, India on January 1 with two suitcases. She returned on January 24 with four bags in tow. Her husband Drew, sister, Brianna and I all met her at the Sandpoint Amtrak Station (she flew into Minneapolis then finished her trip out west by train). We were happy as hounds to see her and hear of her adventures.

The next morning, over linguisa, fried potatoes and eggs we sat under the late January Christmas tree unwrapping gifts and listening to her stories like when she and a fellow traveler were walking on a dirt road through a village that she realized was full of zeolite crystals and vesicular basalt.

The villagers took notice of theses two American women gushing over the rocks in the road. Allison has an undergraduate degree in geology and was excited over the native minerals. Even though the villagers couldn't speak English, nor Allison speak Hindi, through charades and gestures, a woman took Allison and her companion on a hike to where huge boulders sported zeolite tubes and crystals.

The stories were gifts enough, but we also got to unwrap bits of India that Allison brought back to share. We sat by the Christmas tree and oohed and aahed over ear-rings and spices and scarves. The most incredible gift is on its way to Kansas to adorn the family's newest little princess. In about 2 years, out little Aly will be dazzling in the greatest princess outfit ever and her cousin Allison can't wait for that day.

It might be silly to have a second Christmas, but reuniting with loved ones is always cause to celebrate. Enjoy our photo gallery and be sure to join host blogger, Everything Susan, for more Silly on Sunday tales and photos.

The Perfect Princess "Longa"

Road Rocks

Happy to be Home with Hubby

Drew Studying His Gift-Rock

India Bling

Coffee Maker for Sis

Leather Shoes for Sis

Sister Hugs

The Perfect Gift Bag for Mum


The Smells of India

Second Christmas Calls for Peppermint Treats and Catan


  1. What a wonderful second Christmas! These are the times I bet you were happy that you'd left it up. :)

  2. How very cool. And I know you & your family are happy to have Allison home again from her unique adventure to India.

    1. She has us all wanting to go back to India with her!

  3. That is just wonderful to have a second Christmas like you did. There is Joy!

  4. Totally awesome! Christmas day around our house is often a bit crazy. Having a second Christmas, like you had, allows you to actually focus on the fun and simply enjoy.

  5. It did allow us that to take down the tree!

  6. Oh, I would have loved to hear those stories and witness those reunions. Such precious moments. What an adventure! Will your daughter write about it? Loved sharing this second Christmas vicariously.

    1. It was a fun reunion! Allison did a radio spot and I'll try to track it down.