Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Building Bombs

Welcome to My Bomb Sanctuary
I have a confession to make: deep in the dark recesses of my two-car garage on Elmira Pond, among cat kibble for Bootsy and the orchard ladder, I build bombs.

Before I have Homeland Security swooping down like an angry eagle, let me explain my ulterior and peaceful motives. I make bombs to spread love and nutrients among butterflies, bees and songbirds.

And you can make pollinator bombs, too! Here's a Wordless Wednesday tutorial:

1. You need space to do the dirty work. A garage or shed works well.

2. Recycle common items for supplies. A yogurt cup makes a funnel.

3. Gather something nutrient dense. Compost or horse apples will do.

4. If you make a liquid compost, use a milk jug to store it.

5. Best to funnel your black gold outside as it can be messy.

6. Add 2 cups compost or enriched soil to 5 cups of powdered clay.

7. Add 1/4 cup of cayenne pepper.

8. Add 1 cup of LOCAL (to you) wildflower seeds, pollinator-friendly.

9. Pour enough liquid black gold (compost water) to make a thick mixture.

10. Roll mixture into truffle-sized bombs (do not confuse for truffles).

To bomb your space, lob into grassy spots.

Let nature take its course and bloom your bombs over time.

Butterflies emerge hungry. Bombs provide food. So do clovers.

Did you know that dandelions attract butterflies and bees? Leave them!

Create space that is wild and free as a fluttering butterfly.

Pristine lawns might "look" nice but they are empty cupboards to pollinators.


  1. Replies
    1. Natural truffles! With a cayenne kick! ;-)

    2. Loved the name Geoff gave: Deliciously Disgusting :)

  2. I have heard of these before...but had forgotten about them. Thanks for sharing this important information!

    1. I've heard wonderful stories of people "bombing" neighborhoods and abandoned spaces. Let me know if you do this!

  3. Love these kind of bombs! I love to plant anything and everything that attracts butterflies and bees, and I've noticed here in the countryside that vergers are being allowed by the council to keep growing, packed full of wildflowers and yes, weeds and dandelions. Thanks so much for this great share Charli :-)

    1. We got so tidy with yards and natural space that we became part of the problem for pollinators disappearing. I'm like you -- attract the birds, bees and butterflies! :-)

  4. I loved the step by step process and if we get enough rain...these bombs would be our projects to be thrown around on wastelands so that eventually they could turn into a beautiful landscape.

    Always a pleasure to have you on board, Charlii

    1. Yes! I've heard of groups getting together to bomb inner city neighborhoods to do just that. Thanks, Ruchira! Fun to be a part of your blog hop each week!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! Hope it inspires more bombers. ;-)

  6. Now these are bombs I could go for! How wonderful to fill your wild spaces with smorgasbords for pollinators. Love it! :)

    1. This would be a fun classroom activity for kids, too!

  7. I still love your beebombs - amazing! And they would be a fun activity for kids! :)