Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Driving Along the Clark Fork

American Bald Eagle Points the Way
Snow Squalls in the Cabinets
Intermittent Snow
Mountains Reach to Blue Skies
HWY 200 is Like a Roller Coaster
River, Rail & Road in the Gorge
Coming Out of the Gorge
Big Horn Sheep Country
Big Horn Sheep Nibbling Early Grass
Train Like a Winding Snake
Ranches & Mountains
Big Sky Country
Quinn's Hot Springs on the Clark Fork
Cold Day to Canoe the Clark Fork
Turning onto the Interstate Headed to Missoula
Snow Dust
Passing Missoula in a Snow Squall
Snow on Coal
Our Turn Off Where Rock Creek Merges with the Clark Fork
The Clark Fork River flows from the mining country of western Montana into the Lake Pend Oreille, the second largest alpine lake in the US. We live on one end in the Sandpoint, Idaho area and our daughter, Rock Climber, lives on the other end in the Missoula, Montana region.

The river winds around the Cabinet Mountains and through the Cabinet Gorge. It's a modern marvel that a two-lane highway, water generated power lines and train tracks carrying controversial coal fit through the narrow gorge.

Uneven, the faded paved road swoops like a swallow trail, making it an exciting ride. As the Hub says, I hold the "chicken handle" mounted above my door often. He likes driving the curvaceous road ad I imagine him pretending to be a race car driver. I'm distracted by the scenery which is stunning beyond words and perfect for Wordless Wednesday (linking up with Abracabadra).

Photos are all my own. Note that I used a highly technical filter known as the "windshield."


  1. Oh I so enjoyed the photo tour you've given us here. Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous, Charli! Windscreening is a pretty innovative filtering technique! Better get that patent sorted! :)

  3. Wow! what a precious tour of the beautiful landscape that is filled with positivity and hope and peace!

    Apologize for the late acknowledgement but thank you for giving us all this special treat. Your lens is magical inspite of the curvy roads, and moisture in the air, you managed to give us clean clicks...maybe thanks to your windscreening technique :)
    As Norah mentioned...pls do patent it :)

    1. Thanks, Ruchira! I'm happy to share the scenery and the windscreening technique. :-)