Monday, November 17, 2014

Empty Winter Pastures

Frozen Over
Snapper Follows Todd Like a Puppy
The Horse Whisperer
No Accessible Water
A freeze has come early to Elmira Pond.

Todd crunches across the frozen blades of grass with a two-by-four to try and pound out a hole so the horses can drink. Already the ice is too thick for that.

Plan B has Todd hauling buckets of water to the mares. Each horse empties a 5 gallon bucket. They are thirsty, the grass is going dormant and their owners are mid-divorce each claiming the other is supposed to pick them up.

It's frustrating because we have no feed and now no water. Finally, one side shows up with a horse trailer and they are gone to a winter barn with water and hay.

Already I miss their presence. Grendel has sat at the window, looking for them. The pastures are empty and we await winter.


  1. Oh how sad you've made me feel. I'll miss your horses too.

    1. It's just so empty...maybe I need a moose or the elk herd to move in!