Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elmira Pond Live

Visiting Earth Day Mallard
The Greening
Earth Day arrives gray and rainy, bringing the moisture required for the greening. Walking through the pastures the ground feels spongy. Clumps of moss grow grass that feeds geese and horses, along with the browsing elk and midnight moose.

Yesterday while on the phone with a friend, Blue Heron spread his 6-foot wings and glided over the edge of the pond to land by the Canada goose couple. Excited, I ran outside on the phone and she reminded me that my phone could record footage. It's a new phone, and a new option for me to yet master.

So, for Earth Day, I'm going to give you my choppy first attempts at filming Elmira Pond. This is the first time I've ever shared the pond live. Forgive the bumps and wiggles of my unsteady hand and traipsing gait. But I hope you enjoy a live glimpse!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your Elmira Pond 'live'. Perfect for Earth Day!

  2. Enjoyed watching the video and actually hearing your voice! So sorry you did not capture that Blue Heron on the video. Critters sure are funny like that! They want to choose when we get to see them :)

    1. You'd think such a big bird would stand out...yes, critters are funny like that! I'll "capture" him one of these days!